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In this digital world, ATM has made our life very simple. There is no wonder about it. However, in the cash munch scenario, Mini ATM is the best suitable option for everyone. Mini ATM is a small machine which allows consumers to perform financial transactions like cash withdrawal, deposit, and money transfer. Here, we’ve detailed some info about our brand’s new Mini ATM and its benefit for your knowledge. Let’s look over it.

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A large clump of the population of India is still unbanked. This is mainly due to the lack of access to fundamental financial services to a large number of the population inhabiting in rural areas.

Hence, to enable delivery of fiscal services at inexpensive costs to segments of deprived and low-income sections of the society, Government and Reserve Bank of India suggested financial comprehension through IT-enabled services.

We- the OV technology is one of the Mini ATM Device providers in Rajasthan. Our Mini ATM swipe machine will provide services at people’s doorsteps in both rural and urban areas. However, our Mini ATM swipe machines will not be provided for all people around the world. We provide our Mini ATM to our service providers and retailers in the rural and urban areas.

- Mini ATM Machine

Mini ATM machine is a mini version of an ATM. It is like the qualified point of sales terminals which can connect to banking network through GPRS to perform transactions. Our Mini ATM machine contains card swipe facility and Fingerprint reader.

OV Technology vision is to build a widespread public banking services infrastructure which makes quality banking services not just available, but more convenient to the citizens who are in both rural and urban India.

OV Technology’s specific outreach model has a network with all branches of the bank to provide service to the consumers at their doorstep. Our Mini ATM machine will be operated by our service providing agents. It is an innovative machine which provides services to consumers.


- Mini ATM Devices

OV Technology’s Mini ATM will provide services for our clients as follows:

- The cash deposit or Withdrawal

With the OV Technology’s Mini ATM consumer can deposit and withdraw cash into a bank account anywhere at any time.

- Service requests

With our Mini ATM machine, the consumer can request various services of an account like inquiring balance, requesting account update, mini-statement, etc. can be done with the OV technology’s micro-ATM.

- Direct Benefit Transfers of Government

With our brand’s new innovative Mini ATM, consumers can now very easily access Direct benefit transfers of Government liberal schemes into their accounts.

- ATM Transactions

The Mini ATM centers of OV technology will support all transactions that can be conducted normally at a regular ATM’s of the banks.

Are you a retailer and looking to purchase a Mini ATM machine? Then you can apply for the Mini ATM of our brand. Our OV Technology’s Mini ATM machine will provide you with all sort of banking services at your doorstep. Our brand’s Mini ATM Machine Price will be an affordable one when compared to the other service providing agency. Thank you!

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